Things I do every day…

There are lots of things we do each and everyday.  Here are some of the best things that fill my everyday:

  • Looking out of the window and hoping for sun.
  • Having cereal for breakfast.
  • Listening to the radio on the walk to the bus stop.
  • People watching on the bus.
  • Dreaming about travelling.
  • Reading my favourite blogs.
  • Talking on Whatsapp to Clem.
  • Talking on Whatsapp to my family.
  • Taking photographs and thinking about things I’d like to take photographs of.
  • Craving something sweet at the end of the day.
  • Laughing with colleagues.
  • Thinking of blog ideas from inspiration around me.
  • Looking at the beautiful flowers from the flower stall I walk past on my way home from work everyday… I never buy anything though.
  • Speaking a little bit of Spanish each day (usually!)
  • Enjoying home cooked veggie food.  Even better when it’s cooked for me 🙂
  • Counting how many days until the weekend.
  • …Wishing the day didn’t end so quickly.

What do you do everyday?  Want to share with us?


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