Mountain Views :: Valle del Elqui, Chile

On day two of our trip to Valle del Elqui, Chile we took advantage of our hire car and covered many miles to check out the beautiful views all around.  The valley is made up of small places with miles of beauty between them.  As you’ll know from this post, there are colourful murals at every corner.  So, here is a mural of the valley itself.DSC02667

When I think of mountains I think of snow-capped ones and the feeling of cold. The mountains in this valley are very different.  Just looking at these pictures reminds me of the blazing sun and the clear skies.  The word that springs to mind the most is ‘vast’ because those mountains just looked so incredibly big, and they felt oh so close!

I think I loved the views so much because they are so different from anywhere in England.  Also, what’s not to love about a place with so many days of sunlight?!DSC02690 DSC02693 DSC02716DSC02719 DSC02725 DSC02724DSC02695DSC02731DSC02738Such a beautiful place!  And after all of that sun there was nothing better than a dive in the pool…DSC02668Which are your favourite mountains?

So that’s it for my posts on my trip to Valle del Elqui.  Catch up on the others here, here and here!

Marcella xx :: Bloglovin’

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12 thoughts on “Mountain Views :: Valle del Elqui, Chile

  1. Hey Marcella! Stunning photos. I don’t know the first thing about Chile but it looks very untouched. I love visiting places like that. Places that haven’t been ‘ruined’ by tourism. Is that how you found Chile to be?

    As far as mountains, I really loved visiting the ‘mountains’ of Death Valley. I just did a week long trip out to the desert and it was amazing.

    The Himalyas and the Dolomites are on my list and I’m hoping to visit them someday soon!


  2. My goodness– this area is SO beautiful. What a great experience…. that pool photo is just swoon-worthy. Coming from cloudy Seattle I could REALLY get into being in a place that sunny!

  3. Stunning! The scenery there looks so impressive. My favorite shot is the one with the horses – it just looks so quintessentially South American! It makes me want to go back and discover more!

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