Chile Firsts

Hi from the Southern Hemisphere!  I left a beautiful autumn coloured London and arrived to the blooming flowers and sunny skies of Santiago last week.  Following on from my London Lasts, here are my Chile Firsts:

Looking :: At everything!  Difference and change always makes you look a little closer.  The different items in the supermarket, the flowers on the trees and the Spanish road signs.  Not to mention, looking in the opposite direction when crossing the road.  But, who can help but stare when the sky looks this pretty:photo 3
Feeling :: The earth sway!  Chile has earthquakes all of the time, and of course most of them are very small.  Well, small for Chileans who are very used to them but not so small for those of us who aren’t.  On my second night there was a tremor at 4am that woke me up and slightly terrified me.  It only measured 4 on the richter scale but felt scary all the same!

Eating ::  A lot!  There have been two family birthdays since we have arrived, meaning two huge cakes and a BBQ, as well as a welcome party for us both!  These are sopaipillas (fried pumpkin)!photo 5

Sleeping ::  After the verrrry long journey and having to wake up at 2am to get my first flight, I arrived feeling exhausted!  After two days I was back to normal and with only a 3hr time difference between the UK and Chile, it doesn’t take long to get used to!photo 4

Creating ::  Wedding things!  Carlos and I are getting married in less than seven weeks so we have got to work on all of the things that we were waiting to do once we arrived.  I want these decorations to be a surprise for our guests, so stay posted!photo 1

Wearing::  Less clothes!  Because the sun has been shining and I am so happy I got to skip winter and dive straight into another spring and summer 🙂photo 2

What have you been up to?

Marcella xx

30 thoughts on “Chile Firsts

  1. Hoooola Marcerlla! Wow, glad to hear everything is been going well. Talk about really adapting to the place. One thing is getting used to the food, and time zones but the earthquakes. Wow! You are officially an expat rock star. Everything looks so beautiful! Wish you the best of luck! xx

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  3. What a difference from London to Chile! It sounds like you’re having a blast getting adjusted to life in the Southern Hemisphere! Those pumpkin sopapillas look amazing!

  4. How fun! My husband and I keep getting invitations to visit Chile (form one of his college friends). We have to visit one day. It will be great to escape the cold there.

  5. So many exciting things! Apart from the earthquakes, they’re a bit more scary than exciting. Sounds like you’re setting in super quick, and I’m definitely jealous of your back to back springs and summers. Good luck with the wedding preparations!

  6. I love that feeling of going from one place to a completely different second place. Even going from Prague to Paris was extreme enough of a difference that everything felt new, the weather was different, the customs were different… it can be so refreshing for the soul 🙂

  7. WOW. That sky is PHENOMENAL. I’m happy to hear that you’re settling in great over there. And that the time difference isn’t even that big a deal! That’s like the difference between east and west coast here! Jealous that you completely avoided winter. I’m gearing up for it here in the midwest.

    Can’t wait to hear more 🙂

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