Scents always hit you when you travel.  In new places you become more aware of using your senses as you break away from the norm of everyday life and explore through the new sights, sounds, tastes and smells that surround you.

Scent brings back feelings of nostalgia, while also opening your eyes to the new things around you.

Scent could be…

 The scent of fresh air in the countryside of Siem Reap, CambodiaDSC_0083The mixed scents of incense, candles, boat fumes and soap from people washing in The Ganges, India DSC_0112The strong scent of the most mouth-watering cheeses after dinner in Marseille, France DSC_0126The damp smell of a sudden downpour in Sihanoukville, Cambodia DSC_0148The warming, crackling smell of a camp fire on a warm summer’s night in Vilches, ChileDSC_0246The beautiful, flavoursome aromas of Nepali cooking in Chitwan, Nepal DSC_0805The fiery and familiar smell of a NYE firework display in London, EnglandDSC00195The first sweet scents of Spring after long winter months in Marseille, France DSC00476The buttery and comforting smell of fresh pastries eaten in a street cafe in Paris, FranceDSC02221The warming, cosy smells of a cabin fire after a days walk in Wales DSC03201The salty, fresh smell of the sea after a long train journey in St. Ives, Cornwall DSC03398The delicious, fresh smell of fish eaten with a water view in Copacabana, Bolivia DSCF3735The cooling, rushing sent of air rushing past you as you downhill bike along the way to Machu Picchu in PeruDSCF3865

The irresistible, tempting whiff of hot chocolate in Rome, ItalyDSC_0166

The fragrant spices of incense at Angkor Wat, CambodiaDSC_0214

The enticing wafts of fresh pandebono in Cartagena de Indias, ColombiaDSC05209The humid, close smell from a greenhouse in Kew Gardens, London, EnglandDSC03661

Which scents have stayed with your from your travels?

Marcella xx

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41 thoughts on “Scent

  1. Yay, I love seeing these kind of posts from you! And everytime I”m just amazed that you have been literally everywhere. Omg, yes those French cheeses!! They can be SO pungent but are so delicious! One of the scents I remember the most is walking through the spice market in Istanbul… talk about an assault to your nose (in the best way possible)!

  2. Holy shit you’ve been everywhere. And I love this post so so much 🙂 Gorgeous photos! For me, the smells that will stay with me are probably the mulled wine when walking through various Christmas markets and the espressos I had in some Italian cafes.

  3. Marcella … you have seriously been everywhere! I’m a big one for scents as well! Mostly the scents of food …. 😀 But I always remember the smell of the warm gooey baguettes in Spain on my way to work every morning! The smell seriously made me melt! It’s one of my favorites 😀 I also love the smells just after a rain storm… luckily though, there haven’t been many of those around here lately! 😀

  4. The smell I always remember from my trips in Europe is the grass!! Since in Greece grass is rare, the smell of grass in Germany, Luxembourg and the UK delighted me!

  5. Love this post and all the photos! “The salty, fresh smell of the sea after a long train journey in St. Ives, Cornwall”
    oh yes, yes, yes!

  6. The places on the list that I’ve been as well you’ve summed up perfectly! What a way to review your travels all in one place. The photo of the view on the way to Machu Picchu is my favourite, so much green!

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