By Night

When I think of taking photos and of capturing moments, my mind immediately flicks to moments with the most colour because colour always brings feelings of happiness and of adventures.  Colours can also mean the moment when you see the most beautiful sunset.

Rarely do I think of the moments that happen after sunset as I guess that’s probably when I put my camera away.  But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty to be seen by night.

The bright lights of the costal town seen from our campsite, Pichilemu in ChileDSC_0349The iconic view of The London Eye and parliament by night, London, EnglandDSC00113A floating candle in The Ganges, Varanasi, IndiaDSC_0033 Eating homemade Indian food by dimmed light in Santiago, ChileDSC_0052Twinkling Christmas lights above skaters at The National History Museum, London, EnglandDSC00103Drinks by candle light in Berlin, GermanyDSC01256 Our campfire in Middle ChileDSC_0246 Strings of lights on Southbank, London, England    DSC00117The bright lights of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia; the city comes to life at nightDSC04710The words and lights of Millennium Centre, Cardiff, WalesDSC00200 The colours to welcome in a new year in London, EnglandDSC00195 By the light of the full moon in Santiago, ChileDSC05533

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia as seen from Isla Tierra BombaDSC04877The wet streets of Paris, France after an evening meal DSC02188London by night as seen from The Sky Garden DSC03288The mountains of Santiago de Chile seen just as the sunset P1030762Which sights have you seen by night?

Marcella xx

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22 thoughts on “By Night

  1. Which camera do you use? I love all these pictures! I find it hard to take pictures at night because my camera doesnt respond well to low light. But I was recently in a bonfire and managed to snap a pic for instagram 🙂

    • Thanks so much! These were taken either on my ancient DSLR (it’s coming up ten year!) with lots of patience for the low light, or on my Sony DSCRX100, which is seriously amazing in low light, the best camera I’ve used for it. I love it!! 😀

  2. Beautiful night photography! It’s hard to pick a favorite – and I can’t pick only one – but the Millenium Centre and London by night from Sky Garden would be my picks!

  3. Beautiful shots, Marcella! I always get so intimidated by the night photography as it takes more sophisticated camera skills which I am so unaware of. Tokyo’s neon-drenched streets at nighttime are a sight to behold though! 🙂 xoxo, nano

  4. What a creative theme! I rarely take pictures at night too, because I don’t really use the night setting well on my camera. But I do have some night pictures of cities and buildings all lit up. You’re making me want to dig mine out! I love the picture of the Skygarden and the city of London beyond its windows!

  5. Gorgeous photos! There is something so beautiful about darkness – especially while framed by photos and such, it’s so mysterious, concealing so much.x

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