My Dream City

Imagine if you could pick and choose certain aspects from different cities and merge them together into one dream city.  You could pick the beaches from Sydney, the bright lights of NYC or the tapas of Madrid.  You could choose to merge the theatres from London with the carnival vibe of Rio and the markets of Marrakech.

This weekend, I wrote down what my ideal city would look like.  Of course, it would be safe and have clean drinking water, but I thought of those things that add a little extra to cities:

~ Colourful homes and colourful walls

Colour makes me happy, colour makes me want to look at something for longer and colour brings vibrancy, especially when the weather might not be at its best.  I love when homes are painted in different colours, creating a piece of art on the street.  My dream city would be full of colour.





~ Multiculturalism

Having grown up in London, It was normal for me to be surrounded by people of different colours, religions and beliefs.  I didn’t bat an eye lid when hearing a different language or tasting food from a different country, it was all just normal to me, it was how life was.  I now realise that I was really, really lucky to grow up in such an environment and how enriching life can be in one.  It’s something that I really miss about London.

~ Mountains

Living in a city surrounded by mountains is so unique.  It provides both a beautiful view and also lots of opportunities for local trekking.  There is nothing better than gazing out of my window at the mountains, especially when they are particularly snow-capped during winter.





~ A vibrant art scene

I love visiting art exhibitions, especially photography exhibitions.  Art is a way of seeing the  world through another person’s eyes or lens, it’s a way of learning and a way of getting creative inspiration.  My dream city would have a vibrant and ever-changing art scene with a wide variety of exhibitions.



~ Food variety: world food and vegetarian options

Food is a perfect way to socialise.  I love tasting food that I haven’t had before and dishes that would be difficult to make at home.  It’s wonderful when you can travel through your taste buds by eating in restaurants from around the world.  And of course, those that have lots of veggie options too 🙂

~ Street art

Similarly to colourful homes, I love street art.  I love the stories that murals tell and the character they add to a place.  I love when you unexpectedly stumble across a mural and it happens to make you smile.  Of course, graffiti isn’t something I wish for in my dream city, but planned street art murals are.







~ Green spaces

I envision always living in a city, and a big one at that.  But, in the middle of a city, there is nothing better than finding green space to have a picnic with friends, to walk for the day and to feel truly relaxed while taking in the colours of the flowers and the green grass stretching out in front of you.

What would your dream city look like?

Marcella xx

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43 thoughts on “My Dream City

  1. I like this idea! I’ve never found the city that is really “my city,” and I’m often coming up with combinations like this without thinking about it. It is a good idea to practice…to live in a dream world for a bit. 🙂

  2. Agree with all of these! Especially the part of multiculturalism, food and mountains! I feel Brussels have all the things you mentioned except the mountains 😦

  3. Those mountain shots! Especially the one where it looks like the clouds are on fire. Wow.

    My dream city would have ALL KINDS of gluten free cuisine from around the world, great beaches, pleasant weather, good walks with beautiful scenery, and all my friends and family living in it 🙂

  4. Marcella, you always have the most creative style posts! I love this. And I’m totally not surprised that street art is on your list 😉 I think my dream city would be pretty similar, except I’d like ocean instead of mountains….preferably both?? Also thanks so much for the shout out for my post last week 🙂

  5. You always have the best post ideas! I wonder if your dream city exists somewhere 🙂 I think my dream city would have mountains, ocean, and amazing snowy winters, but good sunshine, great restaurants, well-connected to the world to make travel easy…big dreams 😉

  6. I think my ideal city will include all the features in here plus nice markets and friendly people. I would prefer a mid sized city and I will switch mountains for beach. #wanderfulwednesday

  7. Sounds like you have your dream of a city covered through your home city and your current city, which is great. I kind of gravitate towards cities by the coast, which have diverse cafes known for their delicious food, as well as have great live music spots and theatre offerings with green parks in their midst.

  8. Marcella you are SO creative! I love reading posts like these! I may have to copy you and do a similar one! I agree with so many of these points! I loveeee street art and color! I actually went to Valpo today and took my parents to see that piece with the children playing rock paper scissors for the apple. (Such a meaningful piece). My dream city would have lots of parks, rooftop terraces and definitely a beach! Thanks for sharing some inspiration and your dream city sounds amazing 😀

    • Aww, thanks so much, Lauren! And yes, please use the idea; blogging is all about sharing!
      You know, I can’t recall that mural, though I must have seen it! I’ve got a Valpo blog written tonne published in two weeks time, I just can’t get enough of the city!

  9. The colours in your pictures are striking, especially the one with the blue wall. I’ve been to Santiago. Couldn’t help but take endless amounts of photos of the snowcapped mountains.

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