The Path

Does the walker choose the path, or the path choose the walker? – Garth Nix

When I was recently looking through my photos to create one of my themed photography posts, I saw I actually has a lot of photos of paths.  I don’t mean that I just take a lot of photos of pavements, paths can be far more interesting than that 😉 …

Between the autumn colours ~ Aguas de San Ramon, Chiledsc06557Crossrail Place Roof Garden ~ Londondsc06662A winding paths into the clouds ~ Dhulikhel, Nepaldsc_0329In between the red bricks ~ Shoreditch, Londondsc06760On the way to find a waterfall ~ Cajon del Maipo, Chiledsc06927Through the colours and into the trees ~ Lima, Perudsc07350A path to escape the monsoon rain ~ Siem Reap, Cambodiadsc_0144Up, up, up ~ La Campana, Chiledsc07465Around the coast and onto the pier ~ Arica, Chiledsc07616Into the unknown ~ Cambodiadsc_0307The valley ~ Valle de Elqui, Chiledsc02718Follow the path to one of the most magnificent sights ~ Taj Mahal, Indiadsc_0218That crystal clear water ~ St.Ives, Englanddsc03401From one tree to another ~ Kew Gardens, Englanddsc03612The prettiest path to take you to the tube ~ King’s Cross, Londondsc04072Directly to the water ~ Pupuya, Chiledsc05719Taking the path to the mountains ~ Los Andes, Chiledsc06410

What do you think; does the path choose you, or do you choose the path?

As you read this on the 1st Feb, I am heading to Patagonia with Carlos for 15 days.  We are travelling to some remote places so will be without internet for most of the trip. I have linked up my posts for the next three weeks of Wanderful Wednesday but I’m not sure how much commenting I’ll be able to do.  Be back soon with some wanderful adventure photos 😉

Marcella xx

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38 thoughts on “The Path

  1. Love this post, and this quote! I think (at least for my path) it’s a little bit of both. I’d like to think that I actively choose my path, but I also do think that fate and “what’s meant to be” has had something to do with it! 😀

  2. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken a few pictures of pavements in my time! I have an odd fascination with how different pavements are in different parts of the world and how distinctive they are. Yeah I’m weird.

    Your photos are all beautiful! And I think I’ve been on the same walkway in Cambodia 🙂

  3. I always love a good path picture too because it’s almost like it’s beckoning you to follow it to an unknown destination. The picture that you have of the path leading up to the Taj Mahal is so incredibly breathtaking! I hope that you have a blast in Patagonia!

  4. Have to say you come up with a lot of cool ideas to showcase your travels. You have to pass me some creativity. I think we believe we choose the path but since plans change so much, the path ends up choosing you.

  5. Haa I love this ! I noticed when looking back through my travel pics that I take pictures of my feet alot. for instance in canada in sutumn standing amongst bright red maple leaves. I guess that’s my fo to thing. (my mum makes fun of me for it all the time) #wanderfulwednesday

  6. I literally cannot believe it’s been this long since I read a post of what’s happened with the world? Gosh, anyways, loving these thematic visual posts as well. Love the one of you sitting in front of the water 🙂

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