Returning to Colour

There is something amazing about visiting new places.  The anticipation of the trip, the unknown and all of the surprises that come with it.

But, there is something really magical about revisiting a place that you fell in love with the first time. Knowing the streets, and finding new ones.  Going back to that little place.  And rediscovering the new too.dsc07778dsc07744dsc07773

That’s exactly how I feel about Valparaíso, Chile.  If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I love colour and street art.  I love seeing it and photographing it. Valpo really is the most colourful city and one I just keep going back to.  Two weeks ago, I went on a day trip to the colourful city and realised it was my ninth visit there!  Yet, I never tire of it.  Why?  Welcome here we accept good vibes.dsc07772

Valpo is an easy trip from Santiago

You can easily go from Santiago to Valparaíso for just the day or make it a weekend.  It’s always slightly cooler in Valpo than Santiago meaning it’s a nice break from the sweltering summer heat of the capital.  dsc07739dsc07759dsc07742dsc07764

There is always new art to see

The beauty of street art is that it is constantly changing.  This trip was my first time in Valpo in nine months and needless to say, there were new pieces of art that had sprung up.  There is also those murals that have been there for a long time but you never noticed, the streets seem to look different, even when they aren’t.dsc07750dsc07752dsc07748dsc07762

The old never gets boring

There are some pieces of street art that I recall from my first Valpo visit way back in 2010.  The colours are a little less vibrant and maybe parts are starting to flake away but that just adds to the charm of the city.dsc07760dsc07746dsc07770

Playing tour guide

I love visiting Valpo with different groups of people as you get to show them your favourite murals and then discover new ones together.  I love hearing about how people love Valpo and are amazed by the quality of the art on display.dsc07763dsc07754dsc07753dsc07758

Sea air!

Need I say more?  Sea air is always a great thing to experience as is the sea view that Valpo offers.dsc07740dsc07741

Where do you keep returning to?

As you read this, I am in to Patagonia with Carlos for 15 days.  We are travelling around some pretty remote places and expect to be without internet connection so please excuse the lack of commenting for now 🙂  Be back soon!

Marcella xx

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49 thoughts on “Returning to Colour

  1. Now this is cool and exactly what I was looking for since I will be visiting there in a few weeks. This post was made for me.
    I really enjoyed reading it and you got some cool pictures as well. Thank you. Makes me look forward for my trip even more.

  2. Like you, I keep returning to several places (Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara). I keep discovering new things in there, plus new restaurants, spaces and arts keep popping up. I guess that is the nature of places that keep evolving.

  3. So much colour! I love finding street art and it looks like Valpo would have me spoilt for choice! I especially love the happies, not hippies 🙂 Enjoy your Patagonian adventure!

  4. What a stunning place! I also love colour – i wouldn’t have stopped taking photographs! Just beautiful!! #wanderfulwednesday

  5. Hi! How are you? I follow your blog because it is very interesting and inspiring. I really love it. How’s your day going? I hope we could be friends. I can’t wait to read your upcoming blog post. Have a good day ahead!

  6. Hi there, I am currently living in Valparaíso and you are right, even the routes I know well look different every time I pass them as I notice a new detail. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve every lived 🙂

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