Cerro Castillo Trek ~ Days 1 and 2

Chances are, that if you hear the words Chilean Patagonia, you think of Torres del Paine, the beautiful (and now, very popular) destination in the very south of Patagonia.

But today, I am here to share our adventure in a more hidden part of Chilean Patagonia: Cerro Castillo.  I had never heard of Cerro Castillo until Carlos and I were planning our trip in mid Patagonia when he mentioned that he had been on a day trek there 9 years earlier, and there was a four day route you could do.  And, I am so so glad he suggested it, as it really was the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen.  I have so so many photos to share with you, so today you’ll see days one and two, and next Wednesday I will publish days 3 and 4.

The trek begins an hour outside of Coyhaique, where we took a local bus that dropped us off on the side of a road, and into the forest we walked.

Day One ~ approx. 7 hours of walking.

Day one was a day of pretty flat walking, very green scenery and mountains in the background ~ those that we were heading towards.dsc07865This was the coldest water I’ve ever felt.  It came straight from the glaciers that we were heading to.  Needless to say, this river crossing felt like needles in my legs! It felt like a loooong walk across.  But just look how clear it is!dsc07868Why such a big bag?  Well you are carrying all of your food with you for four days plus a tent, sleeping bag, mats and clothes.  But, I got lucky and Carlos carried the weight of our belongings.  But, hours of walking with weight on your back is tough!dsc07871dsc07877dsc07879dsc07883dsc07884dsc07886An hour before reaching the camping site, you officially enter the park as the hours before are walking through private land.dsc07890dsc07891dsc07892dsc07896

And let me tell you, the camping on this trek is very rustic as it basically just means the land is flat for your tents and it’s by a water source (the river), which was the freshest water I’ve ever tasted, so delicious!  Oh and a non-flushing toilet.

Day two ~ approx. 6 hours of walking.

Day two was full of so so much beauty.  It was shorter than day one, but with lots more ups and downs, making it much harder.  But all of that leg effort was totally worth the views we got to see… just look.  I still can’t get over it!DSC07900DSC07910So at this moment, we couldn’t believe how pretty this view was – blue sky, fluffy clouds, a distant mountain with snow capped peaks and glaciers.  I snapped so many images of this view, until we kept walking and got closer and closer, and the view just got even more unbelievable…DSC07921DSC07923Just look at this glacier!DSC07924DSC07928Carlos snapped this of me, I really was just staring in awe!DSC07929DSC07930… and then down we went.
DSC07937DSC07938DSC07940DSC07950Oh, another glacier.DSC07953DSC07956Just as we reached the camping for day two!DSC07960

We loved day two!  And can you believe that day three was maybe even more beautiful?!  I’ll be sharing it next Wednesday!

Where have you seen such natural beauty?

Marcella xx

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57 thoughts on “Cerro Castillo Trek ~ Days 1 and 2

  1. loving all of your vacation photos. I love seeing places I haven’t visited (and probably never will). looking forward to see day 3 of your trek!

  2. Love love love the colors in these photos. I used to go backpacking a lot when I was a kid – but I don’t think I ever hiked as far as you did! But we did the same with carrying our tents, sleeping bags, food, water filters, equipment, etc. Are you going to do a post about your backpack? I’d read that!

  3. Oh I’ve been waiting for this!! Beautiful views! I seriously cannot imagine walking for hours with everything you need to survive for 4 days on your back. But just being out in such pure untouched nature looks so worth it!

  4. No pain no gain! That trekking looks tough but those views are truly astonishing and worth every step. Thanks for hosting #WanderfulWednesday

  5. These views are incredible!!! I’d love to do a trek like this one day but I should really start training. The thought of carrying that backpack in a terrain like that gives me a back pain already 😀

  6. Those views!!! This hike looks so worth the endeavor. But I’m super curious about the rustic camping situation… Were there shower facilities or did you have to clean yourself in the river?

  7. Oh wow, the scenery changes so much! And I’m a big fan of just passing a lone, hungry cow on my way anywhere. Beautiful pics! #WanderfulWednesday

  8. There’s that phrase that things get more beautiful the further along that you go, and I 100% think that this is the case with your trip! I just can’t believe those mountains and how incredibly beautiful everything is! I can’t wait to see what Day 3 and Day 4 look like!

  9. Do not want to sound cliche but this walk looks epic! Those glaciers are so impressive! The walks do not seem long (well, I walk more when I go to Europe) but the problem for me would be to carry the backpacks. I will give a walk like this a try one day. #wanderfulwednesday

  10. Marcella! SO amazing!! I can’t believe that you guys carried everything including food, tents, sleeping bags and clothes. I have so much more of an appreciation for what you did now that I just did the W, carrying only my clothes, snacks and water. Even with just that it was TOUGH. Like you said, it may not feel that heavy, but after hours and hours of walking, you definitely feel it. Seriously more than worth it though for all you get to see! Can’t wait to see more of your photos, they’ve all been stunning! 😀

    • Thank you, Lauren! I really did feel so proud afterwards, such a great achievement and I loved every minute of it! I’d highly recommend the trek, and it’s so so cheap to do – 5,000 entrance and that’s it. No camping charges or anything! I can’t wait to explore this area again!

  11. OMG, you two are troopers for covering so much ground on such a challenging terrain! The views are absolutely spectacular though, those rugged cliffs and glaciers are so empowering in a way, I can imagine how you felt seeing them in person!

  12. Wow that looks amazing!! It’s funny these kinds of posts make me feel like ‘yes I can totally do that’ and ‘no I could never do that’ all at once haha. The views are amazing! Love that photo of you looking up to the glacier!

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