Cerro Castillo Trek ~ Days 3 and 4

:: See days 1 and 2 here ::

So, everyone said that day three was the best day of the trek because you got to see Cerro Castillo itself.  Which, after day two, I couldn’t really believe that it could get any better… but it did.

Day three ~ 8 hours walking

The longest and most difficult day because there was a lot of very steep uphill, and then a verrrrry long down hill part on moving rubble.  But, everything was worth it for what we got to see, seriously.

We left our campsite early and after just under two hours, arrived at lake Cerro Castillo, which didn’t look that impressive from below.  But once you climb up higher, you see all the beauty of it.  This was one of those moments where I just couldn’t fit the beauty into my camera frame, there was just so much going on ~ something to see in every direction.DSC07988DSC08003DSC08004DSC08006

After admiring the lake, we set off… higher and higher, which was my favourite part of the trek.  Thinking that we had seen the best.  But no, there was more.  It was one of those climbs where you kept thinking you were reaching the top, until there was more to climb.  We were so high up that we were walking above condors and glaciers and heading for THE most beautiful, jagged mountains.  It really was swoon worthy.  Not to mention the view below.DSC08008DSC08009DSC08020DSC08010DSC08013DSC08017DSC08015DSC08022DSC08023DSC08019DSC08026DSC08027We were actually walking on what was once a glacier.DSC08033DSC08035DSC08037DSC08040

Once we really had reached the top, it was time to head down.  This part did feel never ending as it was mostly walking in rubble, which was tough!  We just kept looking back up and thinking how we had climbed a huge mountain.

Day four ~ 4 hours of walking

Day four was all about the finish!  We walked down and down and the landscape quickly transformed into lush green colours.  We arrived at the exit of the park, feeling proud (tired, and in need of a shower!)  And probably the hardest bit of the walk was the next 6km; along flat road back to the little town of Villa Cerro Castillo with aching legs.DSC08055DSC08058DSC08065DSC08068

The trek really was one of a lifetime, and one many people just don’t know about.  The scenery was beyond anything you can imagine.  What’s more, it’s a quiet trek and it costs only 5,000 chilean pesos to enter the national park (7 US dollars).  The camping is also free.DSC08071I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Where have you had the adventure of a lifetime?

Marcella xx

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46 thoughts on “Cerro Castillo Trek ~ Days 3 and 4

  1. What an absolutely amazing adventure. The views from the top are beautiful and I can’t believe that blue color of the lake… so pretty! Haha that’s funny that the hardest part was walking on flat ground at the end. I’m sure you guys were so proud of the accomplishment!

  2. Those views are good for the soul. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts about this trek. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place and for hosting #WanderfulWednesdays

  3. Yay for more trek days!! All these gorgeous pictures makes me want to go NOW! It’s crazy all the scenery changes you had. From snow and glaciers to gorgeous vibrant green!!

  4. Oh my god, I’m not sure I would still be able to take in the view after an 8 hour hike. I would probably collapse 😀 But these views are absolutely insane!!! I would love to experience a scenerey like that some day and kinda hope that this is what Svalbard will be like where we’re headed in the summer 🙂 If it’s only half like this, I’m happy!!

  5. Wow what a wonderful adventure! The views looks absolutely incredible and it looks like you had great weather too! I never used to be much of a hiker but in the last couple of years I’ve really gotten into it – this is definitely one trip for me to bookmark!

  6. This is really awesome (and slightly similar to my post this week!). I love that you’re smiling all the way through, and your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! #wanderfulwednesday

  7. Yes, I think the hike got better (but I would have been fascinated with doing the first two days). The view from the top is so unique and varied. There are so many elements that make it so beautiful. The part were you work over what was a glacier is incredible. Was it difficult to walk over those rocks? #WednesdayWanderlust

  8. Now that’s what I call a photo finish! It looks spectacular. That is definitely a hike with a view 🙂

  9. “I just couldn’t fit the beauty into my camera frame.” This pretty much sums up how I felt about ALL of Patagonia. You’re just surrounded by utterly stunning beauty and photos don’t translate. It’s one of those things you just have to see for yourself. You did a pretty good job of capturing it though! I can see why you love this place 😀

  10. I just seriously can’t get over how breathtaking everything is and the changes in scenery too! You truly had a once in a lifetime experience, and I’ve loved getting to follow along!

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