:: That was Summer ::

And just like that, it’s the last day of summer!  

The only sign that Autumn is here is the slow turn of the leaves from green to orange.  But, the bright blue skies, shorts weather and hot temperatures, wouldn’t allow you to think that summer was over, just yet.DSC06230

And what a wonderful summer it was.  Filled with adventure:dsc07868

My first year at my new school completed

Two months of summer holidays from work

A third Christmas spent here in Chile

Our first wedding anniversary celebrated with Indian foodMatrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0005

18 days with family and friends in London

Lots of books read during my summer holidays

15 days exploring middle Patagonia (including my very favourite 4 days trekking and camping in Cerro Castillo)DSC08019Barely surviving the days of summer in Santiago (36/38 degree days were a lot!)

A day exploring Valparaíso and it’s incredible street artdsc07760dsc07773

A brand new school year began with a new class and a new year group

So, Autumn, I am ready for you.  What’s coming in April, May and June:

Lots of photos of Autumn leaves

A 3-day Easter weekend in Conguillo National Park

The completion of my first half-semester of the school year

Chile is completing it’s census and I’ll be part of it.

5 nights in Northern Patagonia (I can’t wait to visit Puerto Montt, Chiloe and Puerto Varas for the first time)DSC07924

How was your winter/summer?  What’s coming for you in spring/autumn?

Happy Happiness Day!

Marcella xx

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12 thoughts on “:: That was Summer ::

  1. Things have been a bit crazy and I FINALLY settled down to catch up on my favorite blogs. I feel like I missed a lifetime of your posts. Can’t wait to read all your adventures, what a wonderful season you’ve had Marcella. And having two months off definitely sounds like a wonderful perk of being a teacher! xx, nano

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