Reflections in Parque Tamango, Patagonia

It always happens, that when you are travelling, you find the most amazing place that seem relatively unknown.

When we were planning our trip to Patagonia, one of our friends mentioned Parque Tamango, a national park just outside of Cochrane.  It wasn’t a park that we had heard much about but our friend highly recommended it.  It wasn’t one of those places that everyone said you must go to, and it wasn’t a park that anyone mentioned to us while we were travelling around Patagonia.  But, we are so glad that we took that recommendation.  Because, look at this…  It really was a place where we got to see natural beauty at it’s very, very best!DSC08255The water was so still and so calming.  We did a circuit that took about four hours and we barely saw anybody else there.  It was a moment to take in all of the silence and the stillness.DSC08252DSC08258DSC08259The reflections were the best; I couldn’t believe the water could be so mirror like.DSC08265DSC08270And oh so clear, too.  If you look closely, you can see that the water is transparent.  This photo shows the mix of reflections and the rocks too – it was like a mirror and glass all at the same time…  DSC08275DSC08276DSC08279DSC08281DSC08282We thought we had reached the best, until we reached the viewpoint on the circuit, and saw this…DSC08286DSC08288DSC08293It was the best of the views, and I told Carlos that I didn’t want to leave this place.  But, I kept the feeling and the views in my mind… and my camera lens 🙂  The perfect slice of tranquility to always return to.DSC08294Where have you been that has surprised you?

Marcella xx

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33 thoughts on “Reflections in Parque Tamango, Patagonia

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the photos you snapped that show the combination of the reflection and how glassy clear the water is. What a magical place to stumble onto!

  2. It’s always the places you’ve never heard too much about that turns out to be the most surprising! This water is crazy clear and reflective… so pretty with the cloud reflections. And I would love to be on the boat in that one picture… I can only imagine what it’s like to be on the surface!

  3. Beautiful pictures. What a tranquil, peaceful place. The reflections and transparency of the water are stunning. I’d love to go to Patagonia one day! #WanderfulWednesday

  4. Seriously, how in the world do you always find the most beautiful and tranquil places! I’m surprised that more people don’t know about Parque Tamango because like you said the water is so captivating in the fact that it looks like a mirror and a piece of glass as well!

  5. It is incredible how the bodies of water in here are so beautiful. They are so still and reflect perfectly the surroundings. I would not get tired of discovering lakes on the mountains (there are thousands in the Sierra Nevada). Plus, I really like those spots where the water is turquoise. #WanderfulWednesday

  6. So lovely! Don’t you love it when a place no one else has heard of becomes one of your favorite spots?? Makes it seem like you are discovering it yourself, a bit 😉

  7. Wonderful that you were relatively alone! Love that photo with the boat zooming across the lake, it actually reminds me of some lakes in the north of Italy which have that incredible turquoise water.

  8. That water is so intensely clear, How spectacular. Funnily enough, just last night, my husband and I were talking about how Patagonia was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful places we’ve ever visited and how much we’d love to return and spend much longer than just the few days we spent there last time, walking, hiking and taking it all in.

  9. Wow. What an incredibly beautiful place! And so cool that you had it almost all to yourself. The scenery reminds me slightly of that in the Yukon in Canada – we saw some beautiful clear reflective water there, too.

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