Food Safari :: India

If you could travel anywhere this Saturday, where would you go?

Well, a friend of mine had an amazing idea a few months ago:  something called Food Safari.  Where you travel the world through your kitchen and your taste buds.

We are a group of 5 friends who just last month began our own Food Safari here in Santiago.  Once a month, one of us offers up our kitchen and picks a cuisine.  We then all prepare a dish or drink and come together to share it all.  Last month was my favourite cuisine of them all: Indian.  I was never a big fan of Indian food until I spent 9 weeks in Nepal and India and fell head over heels for it.  I haven’t looked back since, and it’s the food I miss most from the UK.DSC08432

So, here’s what we served up between us:

Erin’s vegetarian samosas to start.  Made totally from scratch!DSC08424My chickpea, potato, spinach and pumpkin korma.DSC08425Erin’s pea and aubergine dish.DSC08426Steph’s saag paneer.DSC08427Kathy’s homemade naan.DSC08428DSC08429It all blended together perfectly and was washed down with Leah’s mango lassi and Kathy’s lime and ginger drink (not pictured ~ bad blogger!)DSC08430 All finished off with some milky chai and Kathy’s Indian rice pudding.DSC08434It was all just delicious!  And this Saturday, we are travelling to Cambodia through our kitchens.  Somewhere I have been, but have never cooked food from, so i’m excited!

Which cuisine should we try next?  Inspire me!

Marcella xx

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58 thoughts on “Food Safari :: India

  1. Try Bengali! Of course somosas are one of their street foods. Also Bangladesh was India before 1947, and East Pakistan from 1947 to 1971! A short history lesson and a food challenge! 🙂

  2. How fun! When I studied abroad in Heidelberg back in 07, my dorm decided to have an international dinner, we all cooked a meal from our home country and bounced from one apartment to the next! That was fun! #WanderfulWednesday

  3. I love the idea of a food safari – and India is a great choice! my husband and I took an Indian cooking class from another expat last year and now we make Indian dishes at home all the time. I think Thai would be both tasty and not too difficult to try 🙂

  4. That looks ah-mazing! I love Indian food. I had these themed “nights in a box” with recipes, music, quizzes and games. When we had the Indian night, all the girls wore saris (one of the guests was Indian and fixed us up) we all had Indian names and we all failed dismally at the quiz but it was the best night ever! We also did an Italian one too, where we all dressed up like the mafia. I think a Middle Eastern Food Safari would be great because so much yum!

  5. Love the idea of a food safari – it’s inspired! That food looks delicious as well. It’s lucky all your friends are great cooks! #wanderfulwednesday

  6. This is a great idea! I too really miss Indian food here, and Thai. Have you done a Thai night? Anytime someone comes to visit me from the UK there is a condition to bring Thai curry paste!

  7. OMG you totally got me on the title! Food safari and India?! Indian food is my favorite too. What a great idea and I can’t believe you guys made all that from scratch!! I LOVE Indian food but I feel like it must be so hard to make because of all the different spices. That saag paneer looks so legit and I can just imagine how yummy homemade naan, samosas, and mango lassi (which is my favorite!) are. Im going to have to go out and get Indian food tomorrow!

  8. So I have a confession, I really haven’t tried Indian food, like at all. From everything that I’ve heard, it sounds right up my alley with the flavor profiles, but I just haven’t tried it yet. All of the food that y’all served on your food safari looks absolutely amazing! I also be that y’all had the best time just hanging out with each other while you cooked too!

  9. I love this – what a fun idea!! I live in a very multicultural city, so thankfully I have the world’s cuisine at my fingertips, but there’s something extra special about actually trying to make a new dish, and having fun with friends in the kitchen! I am the worst at getting stuck in culinary ruts, so a food safari would be a great way for me to push myself out of my cooking comfort zone.

  10. This is a delicious idea! I do something similar with my husband since a lot of my friends are conservative eaters. I have prepared Indian food at home and it has turned out pretty good. You guys should try Thai or Japanese next (does it look like I am into Asian food). #wanderfulwednesday

  11. Oh my goodness – I am hungry just looking at all of these photos of food! This looks amazing. What a great idea -and you all seem like professional chefs!!! I’m a big fan of cooking stuff from my travels – it really takes me back to a place. I did a cooking class in Cambodia, and learnt to make an Amok, which was delicious! We also did a good dessert using coconut and sugarcane. I think you should try Vietnamese some time too – especially if you like veggie food. I wonder if there’s any shops with those ingredients…

  12. That is such an amazing idea!! We did an international evening during grad studies once where everyone had to cook something from their home country and I completely fell for Nepali and Ghanaian food. Never had a chance to try anything that “exotic” before but it was soooo good!

  13. Ahhhhh I LOVE this idea!!! Might have to borrow it to use for my circle of friends as well 🙂 And also, as a Cambodian, I’m going to have to recommend that someone in your group try to make Salaw Machu Kreung = one of my top 3 most favorite Cambodian dishes! My mom used to make it for me as a kid for my birthday every year because I liked it so much lol. It goes great with jasmine rice. Here’s a recipe I found online last year when I was craving it and wanted to give it try on my own (because my mom lives in Chicago now) in case you or someone in your group might be interested: 🙂

  14. I’m seriously SO in love with this idea! What an amazing way to learn new recipes and try new exciting foods! And like you said it’s a way to travel without even leaving your home. I’m hoping my new roommates will be up for something like this, because I plan to copy! 😀

  15. Ooh this is such a good idea! Although I have to say, it looks like your combined cooking skills are superior to the average…! I’m not sure my friends and I would get anything that good looking out on a table. I like how it’s all veggie, as well 🙂

    Having just done a cooking class in Thailand where I learned lots about some weird and wonderful ingredients, may I suggest Thailand as your next stop?

    • It’s fun that we’ve had so many Thai suggestions, it’s definitely on the list for the future!
      Our next one will be Peru, which will be even more delicious since one of my friends has Peruvian heritage so will get her mum’s best recipes 🙂

  16. Oh my gosh I’m really impressed by you guys’ cooking talent! Also is that your own sign for the food safari haha very cool! Do you just pick a different country per month? Sounds amazing and I think I’d like to do that with my friends 🙂

  17. The food looks delicious 😋 nice idea bdw, very informative post, loved reading it. You should visit Bangalore too, South Indian food is famous worldwide. I would love to host you 😊

  18. Reblogged this on Sugarcube and commented:
    It feels so awesome when someone praises your country’s cuisine! Especially because it’s my own favorite. The idea is so cool and the food looks so delicious!

  19. Indian culinary is amazing.
    The cultural ,heritage secularism of our country is deeply appreciated
    In India there are almost 29 state 7 Union territories so each state has its own art and culinary.
    I do highly recommend to you to try south indian food, Kashmiri wazwan, mughlai dishes.The dish is dish u can eat whatever u like BT culture is someone different every Indian food is rooted with culture
    So culture & Various cuisine make you fall in love with India
    As we are the largest producer of spices and herb in the world.

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