The Bluest Water :: Puerto Río Tranquilo

We were on the bus between Villa Cerro Castillo and Puerto Río Tranquilo (Patagonia, Chile) when suddenly the view changed.

Which lake is that?!” I asked Carlos.  “Lago General Carrera” he replied.  We were arriving at our destination; a very small town on the lake and I just couldn’t believe the colour of it!DSC08092DSC08093I wouldn’t know how to make water this blue using editing techniques, even if I tried!  It really was incredible.

This lake is special!  Not just because of the colour but also because it’s Chile’s largest lake, and the second biggest in South America.  It is actually shared by both Chile and Argentina.
DSC08096Upon arrival we wanted to climb up as high as possible to get the best view we could. We found the tiniest of paths and made it to the top.  To be greeted with these views.  The higher up we got, the better it looked…DSC08097DSC08098The colour of the water changed as the sun peeked in and out of the clouds.  Going from vibrant blue to turquoise and back again.DSC08100DSC08102DSC08103And the temperature changed as much as the water colour did.  It was one of those places where you had three layers on that you were taking on and off all day long.  As well as taking your hood on and off as there would be rain, then sun, then cold wind and back again.DSC08104DSC08107DSC08229Up close, the water changes colour too.  Becoming much less impressive than up high.  I guess it is a trick of the light and how high up you are that gives it that gorgeous colour!DSC08108DSC08237The next day, we took another tiny path to have any peek at that blue.  We weren’t disappointed.  I really have never seen water this colour before, it was so special.DSC08227DSC08218DSC08224DSC08225DSC08226DSC08228And that is why Patagonia is so special, because it never stops surprising you with it’s incredible natural beauty.

Where have you seen the most beautiful water?  And do you have an exciting plan for this long weekend?  We are heading South to camp, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Marcella xx

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42 thoughts on “The Bluest Water :: Puerto Río Tranquilo

  1. That’s so crazy how the water literally changes color as you get closer to the water! That view is seriously so stunning, and all of your pictures are making me want to plan a trip to Chile as soon as possible!

  2. Wow! That is an incredible colour of blue. Actually the whole landscape just looks so unreal. Are you sure you’ve not just been on a Photoshop Pro course and are taking us all for a ride?!?

    Hope you have a great long weekend! We are temple hopping in Yogyakarta this afternoon. Can’t wait!

  3. Beautiful view, what a wonderful place I could sit and watch the colours change all day. And you had a rainbow too! Patagonia looks a totally amazing place with stunning scenery. Thanks for hosting #WanderfulWednesday

  4. Seriously, you are not exaggerating when you say the bluest water! I’ve never seen water that color with my own eyes! How funny that it’s the normal darker water color when you’re up close. What a treat to get this view!

  5. That’s such a beautiful, bright blue! I don’t think I’ve seen that colour in a lake before. I’m the worst at wearing layers, I think in Australia we don’t have as much need for them so I don’t have that skill (haha), so when I’m in a place like that I’m always either too hot or too cold. #WanderfulWednesday

  6. I can’t believe the color of this water. And also can’t believe that none of these were edited. It’s so incredible! There was water like this in Torres del Paine and I just couldn’t believe it. Looked too good to be true. Interested that it wasn’t that blue up close too! It must be something with the light that makes it so amazing!

  7. Wow! That is what I called a show stopping lake. I have heard about this lake before. It is where the famous Marble Caves are located. Did you visit them? #wanderfulwednesday

  8. I cannot believe these photos aren’t edited for the blue!!!! I could look at it forever! Also – love your rainbow shot! Your posts are always so full of color, I love it 🙂

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