Yay Moments When Living Abroad

Happy Wanderful Wednesday!

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Now for today’s post…

Next week marks 18 months of living in Chile (this time around), which sounds like a long time when you say it as a year-and-a-half as I can no longer say I just moved to Chile or I haven’t been living here for long etc.  dsc07778

There are so many things you have to figure out when living abroad, especially when you live somewhere with a different language.  The culture is different and certain things run totally differently.  Luckily, I have Carlos to guide me through each and every step.  But today, to mark 18 months, I wanted to list moments that have been teeny tiny moments, but moments that have made me feel like I made it!

The Yay Moments:

The moment when somebody stops to ask you directions, and you can actually tell them where something is.dsc07883

The first time you go to the market by yourself and order the correct amount of fruit and vegetables using weight measurements.

Receiving your very first visa after a very long 6 month wait.

The first time you return something to a shop and have to nervously explain what is wrong with it.DSC06787

A phone call to the bank where you have to explain something really complicated and they actually understand what you are talking about.

When you get asked for your Chilean ID number (that happens everyday in Chile – at the chemist, the supermarket, any transaction you are doing) and you actually have one.DSC06454

When somebody new arrives to Chile and you can answer their questions about a whole range of topics.

Doctors appointments in Spanish where you have to google so many words beforehand but everything runs smoothly and you end up with the right prescription.dsc05692

When you know where to get off the bus or which exit (of the 8!) of the metro to leave at. It’s nice not having to look at Google Maps for every single trip you take.

Knowing how much to tip in a restaurant or to the person who packs the bags at the supermarket.  And knowing how much to give to somebody busking on the metro.img_5048

Knowing little facts about Chile ~ who some famous people are, which food dishes are the most important to Chileans, the national flower and tree… they are things that come up a lot and you can contribute to conversations using them!

When you can be in and out of the supermarket really quickly because you know exactly where everything is.dsc07742

What are your yay moments when living in a new city or country?

I’m currently away in Chiloe and Puerto Varas for my Autumn break from school and will be with limited internet so please excuse my slow commenting and replying this week 🙂

Marcella xx

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69 thoughts on “Yay Moments When Living Abroad

  1. both my times living abroad was in English speaking countries (UK and US), so conversations where smooth! I’m so into giving directions so (and really into maps and directions) so I agree on that!

  2. I can totally relate to all of them!! hahaha. I’m not 100% there yet, I still don’t know where things are but that moment happened to me once in Slovenia. It felt like a total win!

  3. Ha such a good list! Gotta love those “yay” moments…and it’s much more fun to focus on those than the non-yay moments ;). and 18 months?? Really?? Seems like you just moved there, at least to me!

  4. Wow – you and I must have become expats in the same month because I am celebrating month 18 too 🙂 It’s the little things, isn’t it!!

  5. I can only imagine how awesome it feels with all of these small moments when you’re living somewhere so completely different from your home country! I have to admit, I love when I get asked for directions, even if I’m just visiting a location, because it makes me feel like I fit in and look like a local!

  6. I had some yay moments when I lived in Germany and could order without pointing at what I wanted in the case or on the menu!

  7. I love all of these so much!! I really feel you on knowing which metro exit to take – I always feel like such a badass local knowing this kind of stuff. AND ordering the correct weight measurements at the market – yes yes yes! Do you ever feel awkward when you know more about the city or country than a Chilean person? This happens to me sometimes, haha. Congrats with all of your yay moments and living abroad successes. These are amazing and should be celebrated!

  8. My biggest Yay moment is finding a place to live and moving in. Then after that comes working out my bearings. Finally getting myself to work without having to use the GPS. Using the same slang swear words that everyone else does with they encounter a bad driver. Or feeling like I’m part of the crowd. #wanderfulwednesday

  9. I feel like you know more about Chile than I know about my home state. Somebody wants directions? Ummmm? And don’t even ask me which stop I need or how to navigate the metro where I live. (We usually just drive.) So it sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot! 🙂 I’m especially impressed at your being able to go to the doctor and get a prescription in a different language! I think that’s the dream! And I know you’ve worked hard to get there! 🙂 #WanderfulWednesday

  10. So many great moments!! Congratulations on each and every single one of those milestones… but especially the bank… because I feel like that would be the most challenging!! 🙂

  11. All of these things are just on point!! I can’t really remember my biggest yay moments though – I’m scratching the 3 year mark now so for me, most things have become normal – but I definitely went through most of your yay moments as well 🙂

  12. This was such a positive post to read, especially as a fellow expat! I understand all of these moments, and why they are so important – like going to the doctor. Unless you’ve experienced having to do it in another language you can’t appreciate how easy it is to do it in your own!! Off to think about my yay moments now…

  13. What a fun post!! I love the idea of a Yay moments post!! Getting in and out of a supermarket is a yay moment anywhere! May have to do one for RVing moments. And yay for celebrating 1st birthdays 🙂 So many great ideas!!

  14. Great yay moments, fabulous photos. Congratulations Wanderful Wednesday on your first birthday and thank you to all the hosts!

  15. Love this – all these little things we take for granted at home must be so challenging when you’re settling in a new country, and it must be such a buzz when these yay moments then start to happen. My yay moment in my new town was my first night sleeping in a comfy bed in an actual house after years of backpacking hostels, and tiny flats in London with Ikea beds. Bliss! 😉 Looking forward to the Wanderful Wednesday anniversary post and hope you’re enjoying your trip! 🙂

  16. I love reading your posts like this! Mostly because they are SO relatable to me hehe … I still get super excited when people ask me for directions and I know what to tell them! Not having to use GoogleMaps all the time is awesome too! Thankfully the metro system here is so great 😀

  17. Wellll…. being a week in, I’ve not had many yay moments yet (the biggest yay was getting our visa to get here in the first place!) but I’m sure they’ll start coming thick and fast. Especially when we find somewhere to live. That’s next on the list! I think a big yay moment for me is when you become familiar with the local currency so that when you have to pay for stuff you don’t need to stand and gaze at your cash for ages before selecting the correct change 😀

  18. Hi Marcella! Wanderful post (see what I did there? ;-). I am a soon-to-be-expat in the planning stages. It’s exciting and scary at the same time! I began my blogging journey just 2 months ago to connect with like-minded expats and travelers. Love your #wanderfulwednesday blog hop idea, but not sure exactly how to participate. Can you provide a bit more help? Thank you!

  19. Oh my goodness, YES! I lived in Bogotá (and now Madrid) and was nodding along to each one of these. A yay moment for me is being able to help travelers who don’t speak Spanish or are totally confused at how to use a metro card or something that seems ‘everyday’ to me.

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