An Autumn Wonderland :: Conguillo National Park

I always think of summer as being the very best time to visit places; blue skies, the warmth of the sun and lush greenery.  Last month, I was proved wrong as we visited a place that can only be described as an Autumn Wonderland.


It was the long Easter weekend so Carlos and I headed south to Conguillo National Park which is an hour flight from Santiago and then and hour-and-a-half drive.  I din’t know much about Conguillo apart from the fact that the park is home to Chile’s national tree: Araucaria.  Which are 1,500 years old!  Can you imagine how many things have changed in the world since they first started to grow?!DSC_0090DSC_0075DSC_0091

Little did I know, there was so much more to this park!

The park is home to an active volcano which erupts about once a decade.  A big, big eruption that happened almost 800 years ago accounts for the reason why a big part of the park in covered in dark volcanic matter.  I didn’t understand why everything around us was covered in black/grey matter… but when you know, it’s pretty interesting!DSC08625DSC08624

Asides from that the park is home to lakes, lots and lots of trees and of course an Autumn wonderland.  DSC_0022DSC_0056DSC_0026DSC_0031

We trekked up to The Sierra Nevada look out and really couldn’t believe that view that greeted us!  The warm colours against the bright blue sky really was special!  The volcano in the background only added to how picturesque it was too.  We concluded that volcanoes must attract the clouds somehow as we only saw a cloud covered top for the whole three days we were there.DSC_0052DSC_0067DSC_0085DSC_0093DSC_0099DSC08500DSC08521DSC08561DSC08567DSC08584DSC08589DSC08608

It really was the most perfect Autumn getaway!  I’m so glad we went in the orange months!

Where are you exploring in the Autumn/Spring?

Marcella xx

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40 thoughts on “An Autumn Wonderland :: Conguillo National Park

  1. Beautiful! I love autumn ever since I saw the beautiful autumn colors in Japan last year. And another reason I prefer it is that it’s not so hot. Exploring is so much better when you’re not melting and sweating buckets! Wow 1,500 year old trees… I love their form. And that lake is so clear, in the picture with the submerged trees.

  2. Wow! The fall foliage is really beautiful. Some day, I will get below the equator and experience the reverse seasons! I think the natural landscape of Chile is just incredible – I can’t get over how crystal clear that lake is!

  3. I really don’t usually travel much in fall, but I’m looking to change that!! it’s seriously such a beautiful time! It’s still so weird for me to think of fall in May tho. haha!

  4. How is this place even real? The volcanic matter looks like out of this world! Thank you for showing me this impressive corner in the world. I love this!

  5. I see what you mean about the beautiful colours! And such a changing landscape as well. Gorgeous pictures from a jaw-dropping national park! #WanderfulWednesday

  6. Look at those trees! They are really unique! Indeed fall colors are very pretty! I miss fall foliage, Athens has so many perennial trees so we don’t get to see those yellow and reds come fall.

  7. Conguillo looks absolutely beautiful – and those really are some old trees! I’m sure they would have some amazing stories to tell if they could talk xD

  8. Y’all are so cute together, and gorgeous photos as usual. The photos of the spring actually really reminds me of a spring I saw in upper peninsula Michigan called Kitchi-iti-kipi!

  9. What unbelievable scenery! It’s so beautiful! You’ve got lovely shots, as ever. You really should start selling these! They’re so good! Yesterday S and I went for a walk around a ‘wildflower garden’ that turned out to be a fair size nature reserve. We got to see loads of crazy native Australian plants and autumn foliage and it was a biologists dream, ha. I’m loving how different nature is here!

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