Happy 1st Birthday, Wanderful Wednesday!

I know we say this everyday, but time really does fly!  It feels like only a few months ago that we started the Wanderful Wednesday linkup, and yet… it’s one year ago today!

We always say that time goes by so fast, which makes me think that that is actually just time – the real speed of time.  Which is why blogging is so great, you get to re-live special moments, read back on them and share them with your blogger friends from across the world.  It’s the most colourful diary you could ever wish to look back on in years to come.

And what’s better than blogging?  The blogging community!  Despite the fact that I have met very few of my blogger friends, I think of them often, wondering about their adventures, loving reading their words and admiring their amazing photography.  I get to travel near and far with them, share the highs and lows of living abroad with them (which is especially great on homesick days!) and I get to dream with them too about those many places from around the world.

Thanks for being such an inspiring and supportive community!  Here’s to the next year of Wanderful Wednesdays (and wanderful everydays!)

Wanderful Wednesday, these lovely ladies would like to wish you Happy Birthday from…

Houston (Thanks Christine)18425461_10101786946663595_3784664090621180504_nSkybridge in Langkawi, Malaysia (Thanks Anna)18402170_10101785902865375_9091776817267175618_oBeeston Castle (Thanks Ali!)18422502_10101786303018465_5553633398382489668_oOregon Coast (Thanks Jamie!)18402958_10101785901423265_6636544875283556415_nSan Francisco (Thanks Katherine!)18359431_10209086478383762_7794949431982661686_oLucerne, Switzerland (Thanks Urska!)18278514_10101781062365775_641608485423151151_oFlorida (Thanks Melanie!)18341858_10101788054777925_5020429769853430601_nCzech Republic (Thanks Cynthia!)18033830_10101785899207705_3879447277260401942_nCharlotte (Thanks Ava!) 18425189_1566616010025246_7240009199411828510_nAnd from the Wanderful Wednesday hosts:

Van in Tromsø!18449441_1571887416164772_7076503286024149885_oIsabel in Brussels!18451485_10158830735100037_6021815855985422448_oAnd, Lauren and I in Santiago, Chile.18491500_10209131812317082_8086433009493455330_o18519870_10101791681909125_9134684666413699298_n18489866_10209131812117077_4387684109654403343_o

Lots of Wanderful Wednesday love,

Marcella xx

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Here on Wanderful Wednesday we hope to promote an open and supportive community for like-minded bloggers- expats, travelers and all kinds of wanderers!  The linkup will take place every Wednesday at 8:00am GMT.

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48 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Wanderful Wednesday!

    • Yes!! To more wanderful years and more amazing photos of your adventures! I am always in awe of the places you get to visit in Chile AND the amazing photographs you take. Girl, you got amazing photography skills. I hope one day you share your secrets with us! Thank you for inviting me to co-host this link up with you, blogging has made me feel less alone by getting to know amazing people with love stories like you!

  1. Happy first birthday Wandeful Wednesday! Thank you guys so much for setting this up, it’s been a great way to discover new blogs.

    (My goal for this year is to find more time to comment on all these great posts!)

  2. So bummed that I kept forgetting to take a photo!! I LOVE seeing all of yours though and so many from around the world from faces I now recognize! I have to say, Wanderful Wednesday has definitely changed how I blog, and I feel so much more connected to other bloggers now that I’m a part of it 🙂

  3. I’ve seriously loved this linkup so much, and I’m so glad that y’all decided to create it a year ago today! It’s amazing how many different places there are around the world, and I feel like I get to journey there with all of these Wanderful Bloggers! Let’s hope that Wanderful Wednesday has many more birthdays to come!

  4. I love that aspect of blogging – I found an old article from years ago when I was a journalist the other day. And it brought back so many memories. Thanks for hosting a great travel link up 🙂
    (also, sorry, but the link to my blog that you have is broken. Could you add a .com to it? Thank you!)

  5. Thank you so much for all the work you put into the link up!! I love seeing (and sharing) posts about all the corners of our world and you make it so easy!

  6. So much love and friendship in this post! I totally agree, the friendships made via blogging are as precious as the real ones and very often think about my blogger friends at certain points – for example, every time I see a mural I think of you Marcella, I kid you not! 🙂 Thank you, Van, Isabel and Lauren for hosting! Congratulations and cheers to another year of #WanderfulWednesday 🙂

  7. Awwww I LOVE THIS!! I love seeing all the different places everyone is from! And I love that you and Lauren got together to take a picture! ❤ You summed up why I love blogging too. I feel like I have gotten to know other girls who understand what it's like to quit a "normal" life and chase dreams and do something scary. That's just something that friends back home cannot relate to. I really hope we get to meet someday!! xxx

  8. Couldn’t be happier that we’ve been on this journey together 🙂 … I still can’t believe it’s been over a year since I met you and this whole experience was put into motion! So lucky to have you down here in Santiago with me and so glad that our online friendship has turned into a real one ❤

  9. OMG this is so cute! It really makes you all wonderful girls look really connected even though you’re across the planet! Also can’t believe it’s been a year…think I have never participated..how shameful! Will remediate to it before the next birthday 😉

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