Food Safari :: Cambodia and Peru

As you may well know, a few months ago some friends of mine and I started up our very own food safari.  Where we get together every month or so with one country in mind. We then cook a dish or two at home, get together and share it.  It’s been so great to cook dishes that push you out of your comfort zone and make you try new ingredients and flavours. Our first one was mouth watering Indian, that you can see here.

And since then, we have travelled (with our taste buds) to both Cambodia and Peru. Here’s what we cooked up:


I spent three weeks in Cambodia in 2013 and loved the food on offer, though I haven’t tried it since!  I haven’t been to a Cambodian restaurant nor attempted anything in the kitchen so this was an exciting excuse to try just that.DSC08449DSC08441DSC08448My stir-fried pineapple with ginger dishDSC08447Steph’s spicy aubergine curryDSC08446Kathy’s creamy butternut squash curryDSC08445My ginger and coriander riceDSC08444Erin’s veggie rollsDSC08443DSC08442Erin’s deep fried potato ballsDSC08439Served with an amazing peanut dipping sauceDSC08438DSC08437DSC08436

Up next, was Peru.  Peru is known as having the best food in South America and Lima is known as the gastronomic capital of the continent!  One of my friends was born in Peru so she hosted the Peruvian night and the food was spectacular!DSC08925DSC08923Steph’s ceviche: a fish variety and a veggie mushroom one tooDSC08911The purple corn that Kathy used to make the traditional drink chicha de moraDSC08913Erin’s delicious passion fruit chilanco (pisco, ginger ale and passion fruit)DSC08914Erin’s tacu tacu (rice and beans fried into a patty)DSC08915… served with a red onion salad.DSC08916Kathy’s Papa a la huancainaDSC08918My quinoa, sweet potato and corn soupDSC08919DSC08924All mixed together on a plate, it was perfection!  And to round it off, Florence’s passion fruit suspiro limeño.DSC08927DSC08928

Just looking at these photos is making my mouth water, all over again!

And up next, Italy!  Where would you food safari to?

Marcella xx

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32 thoughts on “Food Safari :: Cambodia and Peru

  1. Those deep fried potato balls look delicious! I came a cross a Peruvian bistro during the Athens street food festival. They had buns made out of this black corn!

  2. OMG, I want to join your food safaris! All the food sounds and looks insanely good! What a great idea, and how nice that you have friends to do this with and can actually cook! haha.
    I’ve never tried Cambodian food. But there is a Peruvian restaurant in Portland that we loved going to when we lived there. Really great food. The ceviches, the quinotto, like risotto but with quinoa. And the sauces that came to dip the bread with. So good.

  3. I said this on your last food safari post, but I love this idea soooooo much! And an Italian one will be amazing! My good friend in Plymouth is from Italy and I adore it when he cooks. Especially Carbonara!

  4. Ahhh this all looks amazing! My mom makes the deep fried potato rolls whenever I visit her so it was great to see those made an appearance on the Cambodia food safari. I’m such a fan of this idea. Gotta try it with my group of girls sometime soon 🙂

  5. So many vegetables and yummy colours! Cambodian food looks right up my alley. You guys are great chefs too…if I were trying to cook something for the first time, it wouldn’t look that good!

  6. What a feast! My mouth started to water pretty bad while looking at all those dishes. We are hard core fans of Peruvian food. We have some almost every week. Lima is one of the places I dream to visit. I have not tried a lot of Cambodian food. There is an area close to where I live that is known for its Cambodian food. I haven’t been in a long time. #WednesdayWanderlust

  7. its so yummy ! its delicious…
    Mmm….. so good! I can’t choose a favorite even between these two so I think I would really struggle to pick just one place… I’m very tempted to start a safari with my friends like you!

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