A Mountain Lover’s Paradise

This weekend was a long weekend in Chile, which meant a new adventure!

We had wanted to go to Embalse de Yeso and Baños Morales in Cajon del Maipo for a while, especially in winter when everything is covered in white, fluffy snow.  So we planned exactly that but didn’t expect quite how beautiful it would be!  It really did exceed all of my expectations.

Cajon del Maipo is just outside Santiago, but you feel that you are miles and miles away from the city.

On day one, we headed to Embalse de Yeso, which is a dam with very pretty surroundings.  It felt as though we were ice-skating in our boots as the snow had become so compact that it was very slippery, but the views were just beautiful.  The air was fresh, the breeze was cold and the bright snow even dazzled us at times.DSC08954DSC08961 21.55.35DSC08942DSC08967DSC08972DSC08976 21.55.35DSC08965 21.55.46DSC08980 21.55.46DSC08944However, it was nothing compared to the beauty of day two, when we drove almost up to Baños Colina.  It was some of the most spectacular scenery I’ve seen, it really was something special.  As we drove closer and closer, I couldn’t quite believe how stunning the mountains looked.  The textures of them, the brightness of the snow and the gusts of wind just made it all feel like a magical dream.DSC08995DSC09059DSC09038DSC09035DSC09033DSC09025DSC09021It really was a mountain lover’s paradise.  My eyes captured every angle of the place, which we only shared with a few other families, making it feel like we were on some sort of wild escape.  Of course, a camera can never capture extreme beauty in the way that our eyes do, but I tried my best to snap it all in through my lens.DSC09011DSC09012

Until next time, snow!

Where is your magical winter?

Marcella xx

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32 thoughts on “A Mountain Lover’s Paradise

  1. Oh wow, I’m cold just looking at these photos. I love going hiking on long weekends, especially if it means avoiding holiday traffic. Looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. I don’t hike as often as I used to. Our honeymoon was the first time I pulled out my boots since living in Germany. But I don’t know if I could hike in the snow. That would just about kill my throat! But that view certainly would make it worth it! #WanderfulWednesday

  3. I know I’m totally repeating myself here but I still can’t believe how similar Chile and Norway are! Only that you guys have much better weather in the summer 😀 Those views are absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. We haven’t had snow here in the UK where I am for 5 years – I think you got ours! Fantastic pictures it looks freezing but beautiful. I’d love to go to Chile one day. You and Lauren have absolutely sold it to me! #WanderfulWednesday

  5. In the depths of (well, rainy) summer here, it’s so funny to see SNOW! Sounds like such a good weekend away, and right up your alley with the mountains 😉 Also, sidenote, I love your hat/scarf combo!!! Looks soooo comfy! I need a set for Michigan!

  6. That is a pretty cool place! Is it me or Chile has tons of holidays? Seems like there is a lot of time to explore down there. This weekend is a long one here in the United States. I am taking advantage and having some beach time.

  7. So pretty! And you braved the icy hiking! I hate when walking on ice/slippery snow – I have awful balance and I just have such a hard time with it. I have backed out from hiking too far a couple of times when it has been too slippery.

  8. What an incredible long weekend – there’s just an endless list of magical places to be discovered in Chile 🙂 I love the snow back home – first thing in the morning before anyone has walked on it!

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