Bicultural Wedding Invitations

I’m so excited to be sharing our wedding invites on the blog today.  YAY! When Carlos and I first started thinking about our wedding invites, we decided we wanted something personalised and something that reflected our bicultural relationship.  We are … Continue reading

A Chilean Legend :: La Pincoya

Happy Travel Tuesday, everyone! This week’s (optional) prompt is all about local legends.  Instead of picking any from my travels I asked Carlos to tell me about some from Chile, as surprisingly I don’t think I knew any.  So, we … Continue reading

Liebster Awards

Happy Weekend!  I’m so pleased to have recently (some not so recently… oops, it just took a while to write this) been nominated for Liebster Awards by three of my favourite bloggers.  Thanks Lauren from Lauren on Location, Osama from Apothecary Travels and Anna from … Continue reading

A Wonderful Welsh Weekend

Happy Travel Tuesday!! When I think of amazing, breathtaking scenery I often think of far flung places. The kind of places where you spend a whole day on a plane to get there, however, this weekend we took a train and … Continue reading

Packing for a Weekend in the Mountains

I’m so excited that this weekend Carlos and I are going to the Welsh mountains with a couple of friends.  Did you know I love, love mountains?! We’re staying in a small, cosy cottage and spending the weekend walking, admiring … Continue reading

London’s Newest View :: The Sky Garden

20 Fenchurch Street, known to Londoners as The Walkie-Talkie building opened in early 2014.  To most of us, apart from those who worked there, it was just another skyscraper in London.  But, last month the top floor opened as a … Continue reading